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You're welcome to access our Google Reviews under 'Bioresonance Melbourne - then Peppermint Bioresonance'.  

You can also view a sample of these below:

Marie is unique as a bioresonance practitioner in her ability to treat not only the symptomatic conditions but to thoroughly investigate and treat the underlying factors involved so to “pull the weeds from the root” so to speak. She has helped me to clear very complex and multi-faceted conditions.
Marie is skilled, extremely thorough and above all, she truely cares about her patients.
Thank you Marie

Sally Louise 

After seeing multiple doctors over unresolved issues, finding Marie was such a relief. Finally someone that found the underlying problems and treat them directly. Marie has been so kind and helpful, I’m so grateful to have found her.

Juliette Williams

We approached Marie seeking help for my son’s ongoing skin problems. Marie immediately identified the underlying cause and has been providing my son with support using non invasive frequencies. Marie is a caring, passionate practitioner and is clearly committed to returning her clients to full health. Thanks Marie.

Jogs for Dogs 

Marie has supported our family during illness and after a traumatic event. We are extremely grateful for her dedication in helping bring relief through distance healing to our daughter and our dog who were both suffering from several issues. I was unable to get to her and had a consultation over the phone which was incredibly thorough and convenient. I’ve noticed a huge improvement each time we’ve consulted Marie and her level of care and dedication is outstanding. Highly recommend.

Rachel Langeveld

I presented to Marie with a confusion of issues to resolve & no idea where to start. Meticulously, but without wasting a single moment, Marie made a thorough & insightful diagnosis & followed up with a very effective treatment. What freedom ! Thank you Marie.

Katwin Gibson

Thank god there's a good practitioner in the area! I initially took my son to see Marie, she is wonderful and excellent with kids, we saw improvements immediately. I was totally blown away when I went myself though. Pushing 40 and joining a sports team left me with injuries EVERY WEEK. I hobbled into Maries treatment room and bounced out afterwards. No joke. I have played every week since and not once experienced another injury. I couldn't recommend her highly enough with the level of research and depth she went into before the session to ensure maximum results. She took extra time at no extra cost to ensure a complete treatment was achieved rather than inviting me back at an extra fee as I've experienced at other practitioners. Thank you Marie.




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Lasting wellness will in large part be due to accessing the right support both physically and emotionally - one doesn't go far without the other.

Identifying and reducing your biggest stressors - again both physical and emotional - is key to reducing your unique load and keeping it manageable. 

Systematically working through this is the key - there are no silver bullets to lasting health gains. 

The path to wellness will be to make your health your top priority - all the time.

Listen to your body - tune in.

Wishing you all great health and energy!


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